Will.I.Am: Tech is the whole thing (in particular tune)

by Micheal Quinn

Will.I.Am is possibly excellently called a musician and lead member of the Black Eyed Peas, but he’s also running to make a name for himself in tech.

The singer, songwriter and producer has dabbled in wearables with products like the Puls smart band and the i.Am+ Dial smartwatch, and in 2015 teamed up with Gucci to create a luxury telephone-unfastened smart band, which by no means materialized. He’s also launched products like a triangular backpack with audio system and a Foto. Sosho iPhone case, and is the founding father of i.Am+, an AI-centered tech agency.

Now, Will.I.Am is calling in the direction of the future — one he believes may be fashioned through tech like augmented and virtual reality. Devices like glasses will increase our international and free up our hands, he says, and era can be more seamless. He imagines that musicians one hundred years from now will do more than simply write and perform songs. They’ll make VR experiences that audiences can sincerely delivery to.
The destiny of entertainment is VR and AR.

Will.I.Am become pensive and obsessed on the future of tech once I spoke to him these days at Accenture’s innovation hub at Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. “The future of entertainment is VR and AR,” he stated. “You’re developing worlds in VR and enriching environments with AR. I can not anticipate that to be the norm in our leisure industry.”

Ten years from now, he predicts, we might not be gazing screens. Instead, smooth gadgets will show content properly in front of our faces, putting off the need for cumbersome equipment comparable to a helmet.

That’s now not to mention Will.I.Am is looking to create the one’s products himself. His modern-day ardour is in artificial intelligence and herbal language — his business enterprise i.Am+ is centred on getting its AI machine to be more green so that once human beings speak to a voice assistant, their search takes on a more conversational tone.

Will.I.Am doesn’t see his passion for track and tech as disparate. In fact, if more humans knew how creative tech is, extra youngsters might want to be scientists and engineers, he says.

“It’s the maximum creative industry in society these days,” he informed me. “Tech is the whole lot. Music is a tech. Our enterprise turned into based on technology. If we noticed song and tech because the equal and not separate, we wouldn’t have this hole of [tech] jobs which can be unfilled.”

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Hardly everybody concurs with all of those statements and but all, or as a minimum, a number of them, would be proper in order for the rate of paintings to so greatly exceed the fee of music. Moreover, I doubt that art creditors and exceptional painters ought to address as tons of felony purple tape as do musicians whilst freeing their work into the general public area, so why aren’t the rewards same, if now not more for musicians who have to work nearly as a lot protecting their work as in producing it. Musicians and composers, but, simply should do more than authenticate their work and acquire correct value determinations concerning what their paintings are worth, but they receive a commission less. The gadget prices alone for musicians is plenty better than it’s miles for painters.

Maybe it is reputation, and no longer money, musicians are after? That could explain why maximum musicians accept the low pay they get hold of from report offers and digital downloads. Perhaps, it’s also why a lot of them are travelling more regularly to boom their reputation and now not their fortunes. But wait a minute, it is in which musicians make most in their money from stay performances and the promoting of products, but now not the music. I bet that is why many musicians see themselves not as composers, however as an alternative as performers and entertainers.

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