Shanghai launches Nasdaq inspired generation alternate with large gains

China’s Shanghai Stock Exchange Opens a New Window. Launched a brand new technology alternate that has a Nasdaq influence Opens a New Window. . Prices of many of the 25 tech groups listed at the STAR Market greater than doubled, with one enterprise, Anji Microelectronics Technology, logging a four hundred percent develop. Regulators have accredited […]

Why Is Singapore Going Big With Technology Standards?

With Singapore becoming a hub for AI and analytics, it’s miles most effective herbal that the island nation is trying to pass up a notch by using introducing standards for forty “nascent” technologies inclusive of drones, additive production, and video analytics. Singapore Standards Council (SSC) introduced on 15 July approximately the move to introduce standards […]

Space Spinoffs: The Technology To Reach The Moon Was Put To Use Back On Earth

The U.S. Authorities spent more or less $26 billion (approximately $260 billion in ultra-modern bucks, in step with one estimate) between 1960 and 1972 to rent contractors and subcontractors who employed hundreds of heaps of humans to create and improve on an era that led us to the moon and again. While some of that […]

Investors Seek an Edge with the aid of Using Technology That Reads Between the Lines

Ever given that British economist John Maynard Keynes first declared that traders are prey to people’s urge to act, however irrationally, the monetary world has attempted to quantify the effect of public sentiment on stock charges. Solving the puzzle would deliver traders within the recognize a massive advantage over the competition. Over the past decade, […]

Fact Check: China ‘Claims’ Massive Breakthrough in Stealth Technology

Chinese scientists declare they have advanced a new sort of cloth for making the plane less detectable through radar. But the development probable isn’t always the step forward that a few observers declare it’s miles. Prof. Luo Xiangang and colleagues on the Institute of Optics and Electronics, part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in […]

China is unexpectedly emerging as a technology superpower. This could have a ways

If the day before this’s a success release of Chandrayaan-2 is seen as a response to China surging beforehand in area, a look at how China fares inside the basic tech race is illuminating. Beijing has invested billions of dollars in latest years to expand the civilian and navy applications of rising technology consisting of […]

What Technology Is Most Likely to Become Obsolete During Your Lifetime?

Certain Boomer basements are little shrines to obsolescence, untidy stockrooms of the only-time modern: VCRs, corded phones, titanic beige PC monitors, etc. Way fewer Millennials will have basements to shop trash in (‘home possession’ itself fast verging on out of date), but possibly, once climate change honestly hits and they’re all renting cots in corporatized […]

Ten technology to shake up maritime in 2018

Editor Martyn Wingrove predicts the effect on maritime industries from 10 developing IT-associated generation developments Technologies that could shake the maritime enterprise can come from all angles. But the most important hitters this year could be people who trade the face of IT and digitalization inside the enterprise. Shipowners will already be nicely privy to […]