TMC Worker Accused of Cut Money Found Hanging from Tree in East Burdwan District

by Micheal Quinn

Burdwan(WB): A Trinamool Congress worker, who became accused of taking cut money from beneficiaries of presidency schemes, was located striking in East Burdwan district on Wednesday, police stated. The TMC alleged that BJP workers killed 53-12 months-old Purnendu Chattopadhyay, a price denied by the saffron celebration.


Chattopadhyay, who became a TMC booth agent in the Lok Sabha election, changed into no longer staying at home in the metropolis following demonstrations by way of humans for around per week stressful return of cut money allegedly taken with the aid of him from them.

Superintendent of Police Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay said he became observed striking from a tree in a village near Burdwan town, and five humans have been taken into custody for interrogation. After the autopsy exam, TMC employees took the body to the busy Curzon Gate area right here. They positioned up a street blockade in protest in opposition to the alleged killing.

The blockade changed into lifted after the police confident them of taking activate movement. TMC district president and state minister Swapan Debnath alleged that BJP employees had unleashed a reign of terror over the call for the return of cut cash.BJP district president Sandip Nandy said the birthday celebration become no longer worried about the incident.

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