We all have simplest heard the saying, ‘it’s raining cash’; however, people in Atlanta had been, in reality, fortunately, sufficient to experience it. On Tuesday night, an armored truck wearing coins on Interstate 285 in Atlanta literally made money rain. The truck’s door sprung open, and an approximate quantity of Rs 1,19,63,962 (USD 175000) came flying out, in line with the Dunwoody Police Department.


While the cash becomes flying over the road, drivers pulled over to gather the coins and people who did not stop, took out their phones to make a video of the havoc created on the road. In an assertion released by Dunwoody Police Department, they stated they obtained a 911 call regarding the incident. “The armoured car crew stated the side door came open at the same time as they were riding and money spilt out onto 285. Officers and the truck crew gathered a few 100 dollars that have been nonetheless there while officers arrived. However, masses become taken.”

Twitter is complete with memes and jokes regarding the incident that occurred. Have a look.


Rob Becker, in his play, Defending the Caveman, portrays men and hunters and ladies as gatherers. Men will exit and purchase a blouse and put it on until it dies. Only then will they go out and kill some other shirt. Women then again gather. They will purchase a present for their mom’s birthday and then another present for their nephew. Also, guys generally tend to look at the world as hierarchical and competitive. In this view, there is a winner and a loser. At the same time, girls see the world as collaborative and democratic and, for this reason, maybe be needy and prone. These differences can lead to issues between the genders regarding choices regarding cash.

Men will buy a car, and women will say, Why did not you consult me? I idea we have been companions. He will say, you aren’t my mom. I do not need to ask your permission. Men are socialized into believing that they’re proper with cash at the same time as ladies are socialized in believing that they may be now not. Confidence stages range among the genders.

Men trust they’re good with money while girls do not despite the fact that they each are rated as having the equal information approximately money. When guys make money in the inventory market, the credit scores themselves as being precise buyers. When they lose money, they blame their advisors. When girls make cash within the inventory marketplace, they credit their advisors, and once they lose money, they blame themselves.

In relationships, guys want to merge the money but maintain the selection-making around spending it. Women want to hold at the least some of the cash separate. Men are trained to accept as true that money equals power. Power and manipulation are not compatible with intimacy. Successful relationships are while companions are willing to expose each different their vulnerabilities.

Straight can be seen as a symbol of cost, manage, security, status, achievement, independence, accept as true with, guilt, indifference, envy, desire, comfort, authority, electricity, and freedom. It is a critical factor within the survival of people in the marketplace financial system. Strong and extreme pressures and located on relationships via the economic system of the United States.

Money is so critical a constituent within the social interplay process. It functions as a way to communicate the values of every individual to his or her widespread different. Money often includes a connotation this is synonymous with love. Giving to each other within the form of presents is normally perceived as a symbol of love or a metaphor for romance. Personal relationships with cash influence all other relationships. Money influences people in that it can serve to make humans happy or miserable, convey people nearer or create distance, make us altruistic or selfish.


The present author believes that metaphors are probably a beneficial manner to transport out of the couple’s verbalized content and into the relationship. In many couples’ relationships, cash is extra taboo than sex. Couples are more likely to talk about their previous sex lives than their records of money. Discussions of cash typically aren’t subjects for discussion in first marriages even though they are becoming more and more important in 2nd marriages. Many therapists agree that ideals and expectations about money should be topics of discussion earlier than marriage.

Couples might also decide whether they want to spend the rest of their lives collectively based totally on monetary attitudes and aspirations. Marriage is a fiscal union as well as a social union. American society stipulates that human beings need to marry for romance and not money. Money normally method something special to every spouse. A couple’s monetary planning and activities earlier than marriage normally affect the monetary partnership they form after marriage.
Money can’t buy happiness.
Money is the basis of all evil.
A penny saved is a penny earned.
Money makes the arena move ’round.
Save your pennies for a wet day.
Mo’ Money.
An idiot and his money are quickly parted.
You can not take it with you.
Render unto Caesar.
A penny to your thoughts.

Money cannot purchase my love — money used as opposition in a marriage. Money used as an equivalent for romance and regularly serves as a fee or substitute for interest and affection. Relatives are using every other over wills divorces. Hard to know whether or not human beings live attached to romance or money. In many relationships, cash is incredibly regulated. In the company international, there are complex contracts protecting people’s money. No such regulation of cash happens within the family, on the whole, due to the fact we view the circle of relatives as a trusting heat-loving area—risk futures at the idea that blood is thicker than water.

Just citing money brings an ugliness into the dialogue that smacks mistrust and a shortage of proper feeling. We understand the injustices that often arise in a divorce. Very little is understood how money is shared, divided or used in families and with what occasions explicit and implicit guidelines about money. Historically there had been clear tips and policies, i.E. Dowries, bride expenses, primogeniture, the transfer of property from one technology to any other. These arrangements have been not left to threat or to the judgment of man or woman households because in these instances, the shape of society was tied to the manner people dealt with cash.

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