Cut money: BJP holds statewide protests in West Bengal

by Micheal Quinn

The BJP held statewide demonstrations in West Bengal on Thursday in protest towards TMC leaders taking “cut” cash from the beneficiaries of presidency schemes. The demonstrations have been held in the front of presidency workplaces, which include the state secretariat.

“We organised protest demonstrations in West Bengal in opposition to the TMC’s reduce-cash issue. The programme became peaceful,” nation Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Dilip Ghosh told PTI from New Delhi.

Protests had been held in the front of numerous borough workplaces of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation throughout the metropolis, Rajarhat BDO office and Howrah district Justice of the Peace’s bungalow, BJP country wide secretary Rahul Sinha advised PTI.

The demonstrations have also been held earlier than the BDO and SDO workplaces in all of the districts of the state, he brought.

Police said people who staged protest in the front of the country secretariat had been eliminated.

The protests in the town and districts had been peaceful, they brought.

“Cut” cash is the amount allegedly charged through political leaders from the beneficiaries of presidency schemes.

The remember got here to mild after numerous humans across the state laid siege on the homes of many leaders and contributors in panchayats and local municipalities of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC), disturbing the return of the money.

Several instances of gherao of panchayat-stage TMC leaders were stated from numerous districts currently.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had ordered the TMC people, who had allegedly taken a fee from the beneficiaries of government schemes, to return the ill-gotten amount to the public.

Banerjee, who’s additionally the TMC supremo, said at a current birthday celebration meeting, “I do now not need to hold thieves in my party. Some leaders are demanding a 25-per cent commission for providing housing grants to the terrible. This has to be stopped immediately. Return the cash, if any of you’ve got taken it.”

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