Makkah Route: Health offerings offered to Hajjis of their home countries

by Micheal Quinn

RIYADH: One of the services supplied by way of the Makkah Route initiative, which ambitions to ease the Hajj adventure of pilgrims and provide pinnacle-nice service, is to make certain that every one health requirement are met.Makkah Route
The Communication, Relations and Health Awareness General Department of the Ministry of Health is imposing the initiative in two approaches. The first is to ensure that the right application of Hajj and Umrah’s health requirements is accompanied in centered nations before issuing the Kingdom’s access visa (Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Tunisia).

The 2d is to check that preventive measures are taken in line with the world’s epidemiological situation, for example, in Pakistan. “Preventive measures” mean, as an example, offering polio vaccines for pilgrims. The vaccine, accredited with the aid of the World Health Organization (WHO), is provided via the Pakistani fitness authorities at the airport’s departure place. “The ministry is likewise deploying a team of 5 people qualified to oversee the utility of health necessities and investigate the vaccination method and the software of preventive measures,” the department delivered.


The Makkah Route initiative ambitions to make sure that the right application of the fitness requirements for Hajj and Umrah is accompanied in focused countries before issuing the Kingdom’s entry visa. The initiative also ensures that preventive measures are taken to keep with the arena’s epidemiological situation, as an example in Pakistan. The personnel on the exclusive land, air, and sea entry/go out factors all through this 12 months’ Hajj season numbers more than 1,700 individuals.

The teams include 131 experienced medical doctors, trendy fitness specialists, epidemiological video display units, and different workers’ teams to offer vital remedies and preventive offerings to pilgrims. The ministry’s techniques in the departure hall consist of prepping emergency clinics at the points wherein Makkah Route pilgrims are obtained.

These clinics address urgent cases, prepare consciousness information for pilgrims and coordinate with the General Authority of Civil Aviation regarding their distribution on the targeted airlines. The workforce at the one-of-a-kind land, air, and sea access/exit points throughout this 12 months’ Hajj season numbers extra than 1,700 individuals, together with 131 experienced medical doctors, general health experts, epidemiological video display units, and different group of workers to offer the necessary treatment and preventive services to pilgrims.

The ministry stated that the variety of health practitioners assigned to the provider of pilgrims at some stage in Hajj “is more than 30,000.” The ministry encourages volunteering at some point of the Hajj season; it believes that it’s far a completely essential and noble provider in the direction of fellow citizens, nations, and the religion, where Islam noticeably encourages volunteering and serving others.

The ministry coordinates the fundamental institutions and commissions via its Hajj volunteering link to check-in volunteers who will participate via the societal partnership application. The missions affiliated with the pilgrim’s affairs workplaces provide simple remedy services and refer patients to the ministry’s fitness facilities, keeping an eye on the general fitness state of affairs and reporting any suspicious infectious illnesses.

The ministry video display units all of the health establishments and clinical missions affiliated with the pilgrim’s affairs places of work to ensure the health necessities are being properly applied, make certain pilgrims’ safety, and guarantee an environment free of infectious illnesses.

The Health Ministry has confirmed that thus far that there was no prevalence of any epidemic diseases or quarantine instances recorded among pilgrims, who arrived, and the health situation is comforting. Since Dul Qaeda’s primary, the ministry has supplied preventive offerings, via getting entry to factors, to 257,981 pilgrims. A total price of commitment to vaccination reached 87.4 percentage for meningitis, 67.3 percent for yellow fever, and 95.3 percent for polio.

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