Kolkata Metro to extend offerings on weekends from July

by Micheal Quinn

Kolkata: Kolkata Metro is set to increase its services on weekends while also growing the wide variety of rakes touring between North 24 Parganas district’s Noapara and Dumdum from July 1, around issued through the Metro Railway authority said on Thursday.

Kolkata Metro

As many as 236 metro rakes (118 pairs) will run between the 2 terminal stations Dumdum and Kavi Subhash, on Saturdays, 12 more than the cutting-edge range. A total range of 124 rakes (62 pairs) can be a provider on Sundays rather than 110 rakes at the gift, the ground started.

Three greater trains between the Dumdum and Noapara stations could be introduced on weekdays. At least 7 could be brought on Saturdays to manage the growing variety of commuters in the metro. 9 more trains may be introduced on Sundays, in step with the circular.

The metro offerings on Sundays may also start at 9 a.m. Instead of 9.50 a.m. Currently, 284 (142 pairs) rakes are at the provider inside the Dumdum-Kavi Subhash course on weekdays. Earlier, West Bengal leader minister Mamata Banerjee alleged that the Union Rail Ministry had not created any provision for a minimum of three extensions of the Kolkata Metro rail inside the Budget. A nominal budgetary provision has been made for ongoing works on Kolkata’s East-West Metro line forcing works to grind to a halt, Banerjee said.

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