Tumi’s Disappointing Customer Service

by Micheal Quinn

My Tumi save revel in

Last weekend I went to a Tumi save in Miami for two motives:

To get my current bag constant (after which I provide it to my dad)
To discover a new bag

Customer Service

Unfortunately, Tumi’s choice didn’t provoke me, and I didn’t grow to be buying a bag.

But what I discovered similarly ordinary became the system of trying to get my bag constant. My bag had numerous missing zipper pulls, as well as a squeaky wheel. So when I explained this to the man or woman in the shop, they said they could fix the zipper pulls in store, but they’d have to ship it in for me if I wanted the wheel constant.

Since I am carried out with the bag, I figured I might as properly have the wheel fixed as properly. They requested me to jot down down my name and mailing address. The shop employee charged me a $26 “processing price” to get started and then defined I’d receive repair updates via electronic mail.

“So I’m ready? That’s it?”
“And I don’t need to pay whatever for the maintenance? These repairs are within guarantee?”
“You just pay the processing fee.”
“And they know what needs to be fixed?”
“Yes, you will get updates through e mail.”

Works for me!

The e-mail I obtained from Tumi.

Yesterday I acquired an email from Tumi informing me that my repair “has been decided to be non-assurance,” and they provided me with a price estimation for buying it fixed.

The manner they handled that is irritating, to place it mildly. I, in particular, requested the Tumi save employee if it would fee anything, and she or he explained it was blanketed. I figured the processing rate changed into all I needed to pay.

The truth that they’re even looking to rate me for replacing the zipper pulls, which they said they could do in the shop free of charge, might be most annoying. There’s an option to “reject” the quote, so I decided on that and turned into brought on to go into a reason.

Here’s what I wrote:

I requested how many this will value in the shop and was instructed to pay the processing rate, which becomes it. So to find out, I’m imagined paying $177 plus the $26 processing rate is ridiculous. Although I’m accomplished with Tumi and just sold a Briggs & Riley, that’s satisfactory as they have got a miles higher guarantee. Please go ahead and donate this bag to charity. I don’t need it anymore and genuinely don’t need to pay $50+ to have it shipped roundtrip for no cause.

But wait, there’s extra!

Think to lead them to reply higher? Here’s the follow-up e-mail I received from Tumi, actually displaying they didn’t even bother to study what I wrote:

Tumi would like to take this possibility to thank you for being a devoted Tumi purchaser by way of extending to you an accommodation offer of $300.00 in the direction of the acquisition of any Tumi product of your desire. With the aid of accepting this offer, you’re giving us permission to discard your object we currently have at our facility.

You can also view our contemporary products on our website at www.Tumi.Com, or in person at your local Tumi store. Once you have selected a product, in reality, name us with the fashion quantity, and we will manner the order. We receive Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Please remember that the purchase should be made thru our Consumer Affairs Department. This correspondence will no longer serve as an in-shop or online credit score.

Was my bag virtually in the Tumi guarantee?

While Briggs & Riley has a terrific lifetime warranty, Tumi’s guarantee isn’t almost as right. With Tumi’s assurance, your first 12 months of ownership are “fear-free.” They describe this as follows:

With constrained exceptions, if your TUMI product is broken throughout the first 12 (12) months, you personal it– together with harm as a result of ordinary wear and tear, airline managing, or other transit harm–TUMI will cowl all restore expenses, consisting of delivery fees to and from our repair facility.

For years two thru 5, they provide the following on bags:

From the second one through the fifth yr you very own your TUMI travel item, enterprise case, or another bag, and for the second year for wallets or accessories, TUMI will restore any item this is damaged due to everyday put on and tear or faulty in materials or artistry, including any structural defects (such as faulty handles, zippers, or locks).

So, while did I get my bag? I’m not truly positive, and I’m trying to parent that out. I experience it as I’ve handiest had it for two-3 years, but in searching through my electronic mail inbox, I can’t figure it out after I certainly bought it.

I realize I offered a Tumi in overdue 2013, even though I experience that become two pieces of luggage in the past. I will be improper, although. If that changed into, in fact, the case, then it’s honest sufficient they deny me the assurance. What annoys me is that I was given misinformation in the store and might have by no means despatched it in. Furthermore, if they advised me they would update the zipper pulls at no cost in the shop, they shouldn’t now be charging for it once I ship it in.

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