A tripod for travel and wildlife photographers is making waves online

by Micheal Quinn

This collapsable Travel Tripod generates waves online, surpassing its Kickstarter goal through tens of millions of greenbacks.

wildlife photographers

The Travel Tripod from Peak Design is making extreme waves on-line, already producing over US$6 million in Kickstarter funding and eclipsing its aim of US$440,000. What’s the excitement approximately? Unlike maximum traditional tripod models that can be a pain to lug around, this one is light-weight and transportable. And it has all styles of clever little engineering info that make it particularly efficient for tour or flora and fauna photographers.

It’s described as a complete-featured tripod that collapses down to roughly the dimensions of a water bottle (simply 3.25 inches/8.26cm in diameter) and weighs just over 3 kilos. Hence, it’s mild sufficient to take everywhere. It’s also strong and offers amazing stability of length, stability, and flexibility. Not to say it’s easy to install and destroy down with levers that can be operated without the need to play around with twist locks.

Designers say the tripod can decrease to almost floor-stage while utilized in a low and inverted configuration, even on uneven surfaces. The blanketed ball head adjusts with a single manipulate and locks down securely with a lightning-speedy, short-attachment launch plate. In reality, the Peak Design team says they’ve timed the whole operation, and the modern office report is 9.4 seconds from packed to legs deployed.

Peak Design CEO Peter Dering said he suggested the lightweight Travel Tripod got here from years of carting around a massive and bulky tripod on his travels. “The thing changed into complete of poor space and knobs, and I felt like something designed for portability may want to do an awful lot higher,” he explained. “It took years of improvement; however, the final result is a digital camera tripod that seamlessly integrates into all aspects of tour and journey.”

The Travel Tripod is available in two fashions. The aluminum version retails at US$289 (£228), even as the carbon fiber model fees US$479 (£378). Both fashions include legs, ball head, short-release plate, cellphone mount, load hook, hex key, and defensive case. They’re to be had for pre-order.

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