How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Traveling

by Micheal Quinn

In Greece this week, undercover law enforcement officials are cracking down on eating places over-charging travelers; one American traveler stated on TripAdvisor that he was charged 830 euros for 6 beers and 3 salads at an eating place in Mykonos.


Let’s face it—we’ve all fallen victim to the occasional scam as tourists. I’ve agreed to pay greater than necessary on cab rides, as an example, and might pay a hefty price for a salad, too. When journeying remote places (or even in the country), you have to continually studies common scams at your vacation spot precisely so you gained’t fall suffer to rackets played on tourists, as u/DonLemonNYE2019 recommended on a recent Reddit thread.

These scams aren’t usually obvious, unlawful acts like pickpocketing, either; it can be as simple as overcharging you for water or giving mixtapes freely in exchange for coins “donations” (a familiar New York hustle). Over on the latest put-up, we amassed a few different familiar scams from readers who visited towns worldwide. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

“Chicago: parking costs are insane and my dear vacationers, if you aren’t using into the city, do not hassle renting an automobile. Parking downtown for 2 hours without problems hits $50.” -ThePeeplesCourt.“I located this in Bulgaria lower back in 2010. However, I assume it’s in all likelihood the same in each usa at vacationer destinations. It’s a bottled water scam, where parents are reusing vintage water bottles they find within the trash, on the street, and so forth. And refilling with popular faucet water.” -AG74683.

“In Toronto, there may be a female who is going around telling people they are beautiful and offers a sticky label in exchange for a donation. She occasionally says it’s for charity, from time to time doesn’t say where it’s going, but it usually goes in her pocket. The Toronto Sun did an editorial on The Sticker Lady exposing how she budgets her house in the suburbs and VW with the money she collects.” -Ccccccccc.

“In Shanghai, if you are on East Nanjing street. And every person methods you to talk; it’s a rip-off. Please do not go anywhere for tea, look at an art show, or assist anyone in practicing their English. The tea will price masses in step with glass, the art will suck and be overpriced with a terrific guilt trip, and the ‘practice my English’ line will continuously lead the primary two matters cited.” -ulic14.

If you need to investigate a few familiar scams at your vacation spot, the perfect manner to do this is to type via opinions on journey web sites like TripAdvisor; if you plan to visit the Eiffel Tower, as an instance, you should read via a number of its more vital reviews. (Some TripAdvisor individuals warn visitors of “pass the line” scams to get up the tower quicker.)

Otherwise, do an internet search on sites like Reddit to discover different scams you must avoid regarding expenses. These scams shouldn’t scare you away—it’s simply proper to understand what to anticipate when journeying a few traveler hot spots.

What If I Already Have a Valid B1/B2 Visitor Visa?

While the ESTA Travel Authorization is completed online with no interview, some Visas require a U.S. Embassy interview. The Visa system has separate tactics, which commonly require an appointment, a tour to a U.S. Embassy, an interview with a Consular Officer, processing time, and the price of an application fee.

If an overseas national already went to the U.S. Embassy and had a valid B1/B2 Visitor Visa pasted in their passport, it isn’t always vital to get an ESTA Travel Authorization because the traveler might be coming in with a B1/B2 Visitor Visa and no longer thru the Visa Waiver Program. Keep in mind that an accredited ESTA Travel Authorization isn’t always a Visa.

Can I Re-Apply for an ESTA Travel Authorization if Denied?

Yes, however, you have to wait at least 10 days to reapply, and your circumstances should have modified. Unless there is an alternate in a sizeable fact, re-application will now not alternate the result. Remember that applying for an ESTA Travel Authorization with fake information can reason an overseas national to be completely barred from ever getting into America. The ESTA system is designed to prevent individuals from changing and manipulating an ESTA access until they get hold of approval.

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