Sri Lanka provides Chinese luxury buses into country shipping sector

by Micheal Quinn

COLOMBO, June 28 (Xinhua) — Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Transport Minister Arjuna Ranatunga introduced to deploy nine new luxury buses bought from China to Sri Lanka’s Transport Board (SLTB) to upgrade the u. S. A .’s public transportation area, neighborhood media reviews said right here Friday.

luxury buses

In a ceremony held here on Thursday, Wickremesinghe and Ranatunga deployed the nine buses which turned into synthetic through China’s “King Long” employer to the transportation sector to offer safe and comfy journeys for the millions of people using public delivery each day.

The buses could be deployed in nearby depots.

According to the Transport Ministry, the King Long buses have already been deployed in lots of European countries, and that is the primary time in Sri Lanka such buses had been deployed. The ministry stated the buses are equipped with CCTV cameras and can be tracked via a GPS device. The buses additionally have upgraded security features.

The ministry said it plans to feature 2000 new buses to the SLTB fleet to reinforce the kingdom bus carrier within the coming months. Sri Lanka is seeking to improve its public delivery infrastructure, particularly in Colombo, amid rising visitor numbers and extended street congestion. In a recent government survey, it’s far predicted that by 2030, more than 60 percent of the Sri Lankan human beings will depend on the general public delivery to journey to capital Colombo.

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