Senior Transport Service Onward Raises $1.5M

by Micheal Quinn

Onward found out that it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding to help seniors get to their locations safely.Transport Service

The spherical was led by way of Royal Street Ventures, Matchstick Ventures, and JPK Capital. Onward launched in March inside the San Francisco Bay Area, imparting spherical-experience, door-to-door rides for older adults who can no longer power.

Onward Co-founder Mike Lewis informed TechCrunch that he got here up with Onward’s concept even as his mother-in-regulation became scuffling with Alzheimer’s. He and Co-founder Nader Akhnoukh decided to create a service to assist senior residents who may feel remoted because they cannot do certain matters anymore, inclusive of using.

“The minute you could’t do this, it’s unhappy and frightening,” Lewis stated.

So ways, Onward has finished greater than 500 trips within the San Francisco Bay Area. The agency will provide cognizance of that location — in addition to one more undisclosed marketplace — for the rest of this year.

In addition to seniors who can’t get behind the wheel, Onward’s clients additionally encompass folks who can’t power for scientific motives (surgical procedures, eye tests, and so on.) and caregivers who aren’t capable of transporting their loved ones.

The enterprise has more than 25 drivers, and all are 1099 contractors. However, they may be paid hourly — at least $20 in step with hour. They are all skilled in CPR, dementia, and features via a background test and vehicle inspection. Drivers are also required to know a way to fold wheelchairs. Within 12 months, Onward expects to have hundreds of drivers on board, in addition to a boom in the range of cars that could shipping riders in powered wheelchairs.

Riders pay $35 in step with an hour, with the minimum fee for the go-to vacation at one hour. After that first hour, Onward begins to rate through the minute. Passengers additionally have the potential to request a favorite driving force. When visiting a large institution, it’s far usually higher to book your transportation in advance.

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