New dessert discoveries, which includes Korean rice cakes

by Micheal Quinn

After the launch of Inquirer Lifestyle’s “Best Desserts five” book, written through a dear pal and colleague Vangie Baga Reyes, I’m stimulated to discover new candy treats.

Browsing via the book piqued my interest as there were many cakes that thrilled my eye and, via their descriptions, whetted my urge for food. I will surely strive for all of them—one by one.

Here then are my discoveries:

I’ve featured Patricia Gotohio’s Mother’s Day Cupcakes that flavour as phenomenal as they look—moist chocolate cupcakes with decadent chocolate frosting and mild, hand-piped vanilla buttercream plant life.

I just tried her Ube Cake. Oh, my! It’s a cross among a mousse, a smooth ice cream cake and feather-mild, soften-in-your-mouth chiffon.

The one I had become a birthday cake model that I ordered for my sister Cristy’s wonder birthday celebration. I by no means outgrew my penchant for icing flora, be it made with royal or buttercream icing. I suppose all desserts flavour better with icing plant life!

According to Patricia, the Ube Cake is a revised version of her mom Josie’s recipe.

“Mom has a way of creating her desserts mild,” she stated. “I simply improved on it.”
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