Sports Reveal Team Spirit in Week 4 of #MyTopCollege

by Micheal Quinn

Colleges and universities took the #MyTopCollege competition to the field this week to reveal who has the fine sports day spirit. California State University, Fullerton remained on pinnacle this week, leading the board with 290 submissions and claiming the prevailing spot within the large college category for 4 weeks in a row. CSUF boasted approximately some of its NCAA Division I sports activities groups. Titans can make an appearance out for the vice president of human sources, variety, and inclusion David Forgues’ brilliant orange healthy inside the crowd when the college’s sports start up again next month.

Sports Reveal Team Spirit in Week 4 of #MyTopCollege 3
CSUF hosts a tailgate for college students to research the Titan Pride chants to ensure they’re ready for game day for people who are more modern to the Titan family. It’s a home run for Widener University, which continues to dominate the mid-sized school class. Mike LaRosa, Widener’s head baseball instruct, dropped a number of the crew’s stats as pupil-athletes; except a 7-season streak of extra than 20 wins, the institution has a crew GPA above 3.0 for the past 8 years.

Widener took us on a short ride to the past, with its nationally-rating polo team discontinued in 1948. However, it’s no longer all approximately conventional sports activities; Sweet Briar University, the winner for this week’s small school category, still attracts crowds with competitions just like the engineering department’s cardboard boat race.

As Forbes is ready to launch yearly America’s Top Colleges listing in August, we invite students, college members, mother and father, and alumni to help us create a one-of-a-kind form of a list, ranking colleges across u. S. Primarily based on non-public memories and reviews.

Although the marketing campaign does not affect the Top Colleges list, highlight the top submissions in our Top College hub, where you can also maintain the weekly leaderboard music. There are handiest three greater weeks of the marketing campaign before we announce the winners in three categories: small colleges (fewer than 2,000 students), medium faculties (2,000-15,000 students), and huge colleges (greater than 15,000 students). As we’re nearing the quit of the marketing campaign, that is the sort of power we need to peer.

There is still time to say the #MyTopCollege name for your school. Read more on how to take part inside the campaign here, and comply with @ForbesEDU to peer the Top Colleges crew’s favored posts, as well as our featured Tweet of the Week. We targeted the prevailing this week; however, next week, we’re going to carry it lower back to the past. Who made a while at university big? Tell us about connections you made at your college or college, from friendships to mentorships to relationships.

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