Justin Bieber Calls on President Trump to ‘Let Those Kids Out of Cages’

by Micheal Quinn

Justin Bieber has weighed in at the border crises and A$AP Rocky’s Swedish incarceration with one tweet.
On Friday night, President Trump tweeted that he could assist in freeing rapper A$AP Rocky from a Swedish jail at the request of Kanye West.

In response, big pop name Justin Bieber thanked the President for the assist on Twitter, however additionally asked him to ‘let the ones kids out of cages’ regarding the crisis at the border in which asylum seekers, including many children, are being held in detention centers. Trump spoke approximately A$AP Rocky’s arrest after many celebrities and politicians have come to the defense of the rapper, who became arrested in Sweden in advance this month on an initial assault price.

Justin Bieber

“Many, many members of the African American community have known as me, pals of mine, and stated should you help,” Trump said to newshounds on Friday in the Oval Office. “I, in my view, don’t know A$AP Rocky, but I can let you know that he has wonderful help from the African American community on this country, and when I say African American, I suppose I can virtually say from every person on this usa, due to the fact we’re all one.”

On Friday, a Stockholm Court accepted prosecutors’ requests to hold A$AP Rocky in detention for 6 extra days because they decided he turned into a flight danger, The New York Times suggested. Saturday morning, Trump tweeted that he spoke with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and stated the prime minister had pledged the rapper “can be dealt with fairly” and that discussion will maintain within the next 48 hours.

Detention centers on the border, and mainly the confinement of children, have endured to purpose controversy for the Trump administration’s immigration practices as reports of inhumane situations have unfolded. This past week, the U.S. Authorities extended its policy that calls for asylum seekers to attend in Mexico till their cases may be processed. A Destination Wedding for the Whole Family: How to Give the Adults a Great Time, While Keeping The Kids Happy.

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