‘Counting On’ Will Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Have More Kids?

by Micheal Quinn

Jessa Duggar comes from a huge circle of relatives. She is one among 19 children, and her own family’s existence changed into showcased at the famous TLC show 19 Kids and Counting. After her older brother Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal got here to mild, the display turned canceled, but TLC went on to create a derivative focusing on the Duggar youngsters. Today, Duggar is a major part of Counting On.Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald

Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, recently welcomed their 0.33 baby and primary daughter. Will they have got more children?

Duggar and Seewald have welcomed 3 children in 5 years

The Duggars have stated that they love having the sort of own large family. The children were homeschooled developing up, and although they knew many humans through church and religious activities, they were each other’s pleasant buddies.

Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger are the four oldest Duggar daughters, and during the show, they always remained near. Duggar married Ben Seewald in November 2014, and the two didn’t waste tons of time beginning a family. They later welcomed their 0.33 infant, Ivy Jane Seewald, back in May, which means they’ve had three children inside the last four and 1/2 years.

They are assured that they’ll take but many youngsters God wishes for them.

Duggar and Seewald are very rooted in their non secular values, and they believe that kids are an act of God. With that said, the Duggars had been raised to now not use any shape of beginning manipulate to save you being pregnant (of the route, premarital sex became out of the query), and none of them consider abortion. Duggar and Seewald both experience that youngsters are a present from God and feature said that must God need so many youngsters for them, they’ll gladly take them. Duggar has the same mindset as her mother and father.
They’ve mentioned adopting down the road.

Duggar and Seewald have not best considered having many organic youngsters. However, they’ve also considered adopting. The two reportedly in the process of adopting while Duggar got pregnant along with her 2nd toddler; the adoption plans had been put on maintain. But Duggar previously said on 19 Kids and Counting that she wants to “undertake plenty” while she gets older.

Now that she has three youngsters of her personal, enthusiasts have speculated that the two may decide to adopt their next infant. Duggar even said at one point that she would possibly grow to be with more kids than her mother. She didn’t say a selected quantity of kids. Still, if she chooses to adopt several and doesn’t use any birth manipulate, she’s in all likelihood headed for one big satisfied own family.

Duggar is best 26, and the two will possibly have extra youngsters

Not only has Duggar said she desires to undertake. However, she’s also the handiest 26, which means that she’s at her top for having kids from an organic angle. She’s probably very fertile, which means if she and Seewald aren’t preventing pregnancy, another one is nearly inevitable. The Duggars don’t usually create timelines for having kids because they believe God decides while it’s time, but it’s probably Duggar and Seewald’s third baby that won’t be their closing.

Today but, the bullying phrase spreads exceptionally rapidly, and it’s tough to prevent cyberbullying. I actually have witnessed stay bullying episodes on the Internet, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Not only does the bullying word unfold rapidly; however, individuals who instigate it could do so anonymously.

During your child-days, bullying usually became face-to-face, so you knew precisely who became at the occasions’ back. Today the opportunity of the bully, last nameless, is reasonably excessive. They disguise at the back of fake profiles and user IDs, then launch “operation clandestine bully spread.”

Predators On The Internet?

Then there may be the predator world. As a child, did you ever worry about being stalked by a predator? Did you ever suppose they (the stalker) changed into going to take you away and do imply? Did your parents think in the back of every dark nook lurked a predator? I understand that I in no way feared this kind of element, and neither did my dad and mom.

If my dad and mom had worried about it, without a doubt, did now not crush or rule their lives. Once in a while, they will have reminded me, “Not to speak with strangers.” In fact, I felt extraordinarily safe — I walked to high school & my pals by myself and played outdoor after sunset. Even even though there may have been actual dangers, I in no way felt threatened. I felt safe!

Today, as a figure, I am incredibly conscious of the Internet Predator. I even have already knowledgeable my youngster about chat rooms and how now not to speak with strangers. I’m truely now not an old-fashioned determine; however, my instincts tell me to preserve myself alert and look ahead to any tell-tale symptoms that my kid is in predator danger.

Predators on the Internet are actual worries among many dad and mom. I constantly witness dad and mom telling their children not to pal all of us on Facebook that they do now not recognize. The hip parents tell their kids “NOT TO LMIRL” to all and sundry that they have no longer previously met in actual existence (aka. Don’t communicate with strangers).

In the Twitter world. Many Twitter Teens have already got a massive quantity of fans and could task to bet that they do not even realize who most of them are. I’ve seen youngsters with lots of fans, or even if they had a fragment of the number of followers they have, there’s no practical way to understand each one in all of them. So basically, if your youngsters are on Twitter, they’re probably talking to strangers – I’m positive many extra strangers than you spoke to as a kid.

The Meaning Of Violence?

When you start comparing the violence you as a child have been uncovered to compared to contemporary youngsters, there is a dramatic distinction. When I was the same age as my son is now, the extent of the violent content material I was exposed to was negligible compared to cutting-edge children.
I turned into South Africa, and as a shape of leisure, my mother and father rented 16mm reel-to-reel films at the weekend.

The 16mm reel-to-reel films had been South Africa’s equivalent of North America’s, once popular, Beta or VHS. The 1967 Bonnie & Clyde become the most violent movie that my mother and father ever rented, in which we (the children) have been sent to our bedrooms to play at the same time as they (our dad and mom) watched the film. Every once in a while, we sneak a peek and get our dose of blood & gore. Bonnie & Clyde, via the way, is rated R by way of the MPAA and Age 14 via Common Sense Media.

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