Jacqueline Fernandez to cover splendor, style, health, journey and more

by Micheal Quinn

Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most energetic B-Town stars on social media, with a big following on Instagram (30.4 million) and Twitter (13.9million). Now, the Race three actress goes a step in advance and launching her YouTube channel today. We spoke to the social media influencer approximately the concept in the back of it and what’s in keep.

Jacqueline Fernandez

What precipitated you to launch a YouTube channel?

The idea is to create a space and platform for myself to sell positivity. I can even give people an insight into what it’s like and what it takes to be a business actress in Bollywood. I will share with them anything I have learned and am getting to know alongside the way.

What are the components that you will be overlaying?

Everything from my lifestyle. The day I start, I will vlog my journey adventures, cover professionals who I meet within my subject, mainly health and splendor, because that performs a pivotal function in my existence and the industry I am in. It will assist inspire and inspire people.

Will you be meeting our guidelines on splendor and style?

Yes, no longer most effective those aspects but also on being glad, overcoming worry, dwelling your dreams, on travel and fitness.

Can we assume different celebrities to your channel?

Definitely, being from the enterprise, I have such a lot of contemporaries and friends who will come and share their stories. My target market will like to recognize, hear and spot them.

How often will you upload new movies?

I am looking right away per week or 10 days consistent with video.

Will you share tidbits from in the back of-the-scenes of your film set?

Actually, this is something I might be doing much less of. People have visible so much of that on my Instagram. Besides, the BTS of mag shoots, red carpet, and movies are already available on YouTube. I will present something that human beings haven’t visible of mine, the BTS behind the BTS (laughs)!

What approximately inviting fanatics to your channel?

I would really like to, that’s a first-rate idea. I need to maintain it interactive. There could be an open comment page at the channel, wherein I will come out with a few questions and answer any inquiries they’ve.

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