12 Best Beatles Songs For Kids That Aren’t “Yellow Submarine” or “Octopus’s Garden”

by Micheal Quinn

One of the problems introducing your kids to the Beatles is assuming that the very manifestly “youngster-friendly” songs are the ones you must pay attention to. And while I admit that many kids do love “Yellow Submarine,” or “Octopus’s Garden,” or “All Together Now,” permit’s face statistics. These songs aren’t cool and never represent why the Beatles are dead-ass one of the coolest rock bands of all time. In other phrases, those three songs are dopey. (You can throw in “Good Morning, Good Morning” and “Goodnight” while you’re at it.)


If you’re going to concentrate on the Beatles along with your youngsters, why don’t you surely concentrate on the Beatles, and not just the songs you suspect are kid-pleasant?

With that in mind, here are twelve amazing Beatles songs that I actually have tested out on my -yr-antique with a vinyl turntable. “All You Need is Love” isn’t always on this listing because that’s no longer the sort of listing we’re dealing with here. These are songs with a purpose to make your child move-and-groove and will remind you why the Beatles aren’t simply “terrific,” however more importantly, why they rock.

“She Loves You”

The catchiest song within the oeuvre of the early Beatles is likewise the sweetest. If you have got a little female, this song is doubly candy, but in case your youngster isn’t a lady, this tune can effortlessly be about their mother, their sister, or a great pal. The 2d-individual direct address of this tune was actually kind of groundbreaking for pop track in 1964, and for little kids, the track must speak to them, the way John and Paul communicate to them on this song.

“Twist and Shout”

I know the Beatles didn’t write “Twist and Shouted” (that could be Phil Medley and Bert Berns); however, the Fab Four’s version of this music remains their most enduring cowl. Have you ever watch a toddler find out a way to make themselves dance? I’m going to tell you something: My child has never seen video footage of the Beatles ever, and but she shakes her head to and fro like loopy while John Lennon screams his famous WHOOOOAAAOOW! Shake it up, child, certainly.

“Drive My Car”

The refrain of this music is arguably the phrase “Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep, Ya!” How is this no longer a kids’ track once more?

“I’m Only Sleeping”

My youngster loves this one, a great song for encouraging youngsters to make-believe that they may be sleeping. Plus, the “maintaining an eye on the sector going through my window” line is great because it encourages youngsters to appearance out the window, and optimistically, far from a screen.

“Doctor Robert”

Sure, positive, in real lifestyles, “Doctor Rober” is supposedly a song the Beatles have been singing to one of their drug sellers. Whatever. Your kid doesn’t need to realize that. All they need to recognize is a kooky individual named Doctor Robert and that the people singing the tune are pronouncing his name as a good deal as viable and every so often when you least assume it.

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