YPC Wants to Bring Fast Food Robotics to Fresh Food Cooking

by Micheal Quinn

We know that robots can cook dinner up hamburgers, fry-tater children, and even make delicious bowls of meals in high extent restaurants. But YPC Technologies desires to put that speedy food fashion of robotic to work, making more complex dishes like salmon filets, mushroom risotto, or even raspberry sorbet.

Fast Food

Based in Montreal, Canada, YPC (which stands for Your Personal Chef) has built a robot notebook that it says can make excessive first-rate complicated, fresh-cooked meals. Right now, the YPC robotic makes use of an articulating arm that grabs components, pours them out into various multi-cookers and other gadgets that do the reducing, stirring, and cooking. The YPC robotic could make thousands of recipes and, depending on the dishes ordered, can cook more or less 100 dishes per hour.

However, for all of its robot bells and whistles, YPC Co-Founder and CEO Gunnar Grass informed me by way of a telephone that YPC isn’t supposed to be a fully autonomous kitchen. Humans will still be around for duties like re-stocking substances and doing the very last shows. “The plating of the dishes could be tough to achieve with robots,” Grass stated, “in the long run, we’ll automate 60 percent of kitchen operations.”

Grass burdened that this model of the cooking robot with the articulating arm may be very much within the prototype phase and will go through a lot greater innovation, such as the addition of a -axis arm. Eventually, Grass said YPC would possibly take up 40 sq. Meters (a little more 400 sq. Feet.), so it’s around the identical length as the PAZZI automatic pizza eating place.

At first, YPC wants to own and perform its personal robotic eateries and concentrate on mid-volume traffic areas like co-running areas and retirement houses. It may also be a companion with a meal service operation like Sodexo in college food halls with more than one eating option. The YPC is not meant for excessive-volume sites like arenas or cafeterias that provide lots of human beings right away.

Co-working areas sincerely appear like an ideal environment for a YPC system. There are plenty of office employees who need an excellent meal while not having to depart the workplace. However, there aren’t such a lot of orders as to weigh down the articulating arm.

While robots like Flippy are already working shifts, and Creator and Spyce are robot restaurants already open to the public, YPC remains very plenty in its early ranges. Grass said his company raised a pre-seed round of funding. The operating prototype nevertheless needs to get an appropriate regulatory license earlier than they cross the greater public.

YPC is illustrative of how automation is eating won’t be limited to just excessive throughput venues like rapid food eating places and arenas. Eateries that provide smaller but regular customer bases will also be capable of taking advantage of meal robots aofferingfer a wider variety of food than just burgers and tater children.

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