Saif Ali Khan’s way of life logo, House of Pataudi launches ‘Palace Inspired’

by Micheal Quinn

Lifestyle brand for men and women, House of Pataudi, co-owned by Saif Ali Khan, Myntra and Exceed Entertainment launches its ultra-modern collection that is stimulated using the Pataudi Palace. The Summer Palace Collection brings alive the ornate splendour and grandeur of the Pataudi Palace. The collection is likewise designed retaining in thoughts the festive flavour and developments of the season. The series accommodates of regular Indian put on – it dubbed as Firdaus, festive with royal attraction, Noor and Riwayat for traditional Indian weddings. The collection is supported through an out of doors campaign presenting Saif Ali Khan.

“The palace is an architectural wonder for many but for me, it’s domestic and holds quite a few emotional prices. It is thrilling for me to look at a set inspired by using the shades of the palace gardens. The floral styles and designs used in the series intertwine with elements of the nature that surrounds Pataudi Palace,” Saif Ali Khan stated.

Amar Nagaram, Head, Myntra Jabong, stated, “House Of Pataudi’s new ‘Summer Palace Collection’ is a mirrored image of the opulence and grandeur surrounding the Pataudi Palace and is a royal deal with for purchasers of ethnic put on. Every collection from the brand embodies the rich cultural background of the erstwhile Nawabs.”

The series has a rebellion of colours and subtle floral prints with House of Pataudi’s Firdaus collection. They are inspired from the sun shades of the Palace lawn, the colouration palette transitions from powder pink and pastels, to the sky & walnut shells. Noor, the festive finery line is stimulated by architectural designs and complicated motifs of the Palace. Riwayat showcases the beauty of the antique global charm that by no means fails to affect. Luxurious brocades, jacquards, colours along with royal blue, maroons and luxurious golds makes it best for Indian weddings.

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