Gold Throws Platinum a Life Line

by Micheal Quinn

Newman spoke Wednesday on the International Precious Metal Institute’s Auto Catalyst and Fuel Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Platinum dropped 4% to US$895 ounce over the past 365 days. Over the identical period, palladium shot up forty eight% to US$1,279 oz. Palladium benefits from extra stringent emission standards. Palladium is better appropriate to the cutting-edge era of catalytic converters.

Despite platinum group metals being used predominantly for commercial applications, platinum is still a valuable metallic.

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“There is a relationship between platinum and gold,” Newman said. “Yes, we’ve got seen the bargain reach record ranges, and that has invited investor skepticism. We trust the relationship nevertheless holds, and with a purpose to be the main driving force for the platinum charge.”

Metals Focus stated gold will test the USA$1,400 oz.Level this 12 months, so as to pull platinum fees higher.

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