Degree Online Services Telangana 2019

by Micheal Quinn

Only 1.16 lakh registrations in segment I.HYDERABAD: Even although nearly 4 lakh undergraduate seats are up for grabs within the State, the first segment of Degree Online Services Telangana (DOST) has ended with a meager 1.16 lakh registrations and a paltry 1.03 lakh college students workout web alternatives. This manner that is even supposing the DOST convenor extended the final day for filing applications two times from June 3 to 4 and alternatively using two greater days till June 6 has in no way meditated on various registrations.

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Experts blame the technical glitches that brought about the server failure during the initial days, coupled with the confusion that prevailed over the Intermediate verification results, for college students’ terrible response. “The server turned into down for a terrific 4 to 5 days; however, the extension changed into best by using 3 days. Apart from this, the scholars also faced problems. Several students did not know that they needed to check in themselves using the mobile number related to the Aadhaar card,” said G Satish, honorary president of Telangana Private Intermediate College Association. This is the primary time that the whole technique is being conducted online. The uncertainty across the Intermediate re-verification outcomes simplest introduced to the confusion of the scholars,” he brought.

A majority of students arrive at a choice after evaluating the university they get through EAMCET and the ones allocated for UG. But with EAMCET not on time, and the advanced supplementary examination commencing Friday, several college students are waiting for these consequences before applying for DOST.“The numbers are anticipated to turn out to be higher inside the 2d and 0.33 section. Students can practice in the approaching phases via paying Rs four hundred,” said Laxma Reddy, chairman of the Association for Strengthening of Private Initiative in Rural Education (ASPIRE).

Are you falling into schooling requirements the cause for vacant seats?

Private university managements are of the view that retaining up with the trend, a huge variety of seats in degree schools will be vacant, this 12 months as properly. The problem, however, they highlighted became now not as a result of a big number of seats but was resulting from the falling schooling requirements and infrastructure and the disparity in instructor-pupil ratio.

G Nagaiah, president of the Private Degree Colleges Association, believes that even after the closing levels finish, the number of seats that have been filled will now not exceed 2 lakh. However, DOST convenor Prof R Limbadiri stated that there might be no dip in the numbers.

“Given the put off attributable to troubles inside the Intermediate consequences, the response is excellent. The wide variety of registrations will truely increase inside the 2d phase. On a mean, 3.20 lakh college students pass Intermediate, and of this, lakh enroll in diploma schools, round 20,000 in minority faculties or the ones mired in court docket cases. The remaining will choose engineering, medication, or pharmacy guides, and some migrate to other states. Going through this calculation, we assume the numbers are precise,” he stated.

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