Company awarded $2M settlement to study Alberta Health Services

by Micheal Quinn

The Alberta government has decided on an organization to evaluate Alberta Health Services. Ernst & Young LLP (EY) provided a $2-million settlement to study AHS fitness operations and organizational efficiency. The paintings are part of a review to “power extra efficiencies, examine administrative fees and improve get entry to and carrier ranges,” in line with the province.

Health Services

Alberta’s fitness authority evaluation turned into one of the UCP’s campaign promises at some stage in the spring election. “We promised Albertans an intensive review of AHS to strengthen the health gadget and supply better effects, and that is the following step in handing over on that promise,” Health Minister Tyler Shandro stated in a media release Thursday.

“I’m confident EY will offer precious hints to deliver better consequences for Albertans and find savings to reinvest inside the health gadget.” The province said it’ll consult with the AHS team of workers, physicians, and other key stakeholders through the overview.

The evaluation will consist of:

A comprehensive exam of AHS shape and company
The evaluation of OHS programs, offerings, and rules to pick out capability regions reduces costs and improves overall performance. Identification of opportunities to make AHS operations more attentive to the front lines and Albertans

Comparisons to other provinces and pleasant practices

Shandro stated that the review isn’t always to tear down the system; however, to build on the good paintings already being carried out using AHS. “Our challenge surely is making sure that we’re having taxpayer cash — this publicly funded system — being spent within the maximum green manner and making sure that we’re reinvesting in our front lines,” he stated Thursday.

“This isn’t always approximately blowing anything up; this is about constructing at the energy of our AHS employees. I have nothing but appreciation and admiration for everything that they do.” The province placed a request for proposals earlier this year. Four proposals have been acquired and reviewed by a team of senior government officials.

AHS has more than 102,000 employees and runs on a price range of $15.2 billion. Shandro said a meantime document is expected via Sept. 6 so the province can use it to prepare its budget. EY’s final report is due again to the authorities by way of Dec. 31. Shandro said the final file could be launched to the general public. However, they did no longer offer a specific date for when that might manifest.

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