New dessert discoveries, which includes Korean rice cakes

After the launch of Inquirer Lifestyle’s “Best Desserts five” book, written through a dear pal and colleague Vangie Baga Reyes, I’m stimulated to discover new candy treats. Browsing via the book piqued my interest as there were many cakes that thrilled my eye and, via their descriptions, whetted my urge for food. I will surely […]

Chilled coffee noodles for dessert are Japan’s most recent summertime sweets innovation

Japan has already found out cold noodles, and bloodless coffee taste excellent inside the midsummer heat, so why no longer integrate the 2? In western food and beverage traditions, pasta and espresso are usually served hot. For pretty some time, however, Japan has regarded that each noodle and java could make for clean summertime treats […]

Kim Kardashian Pops Into Dessert Institution Ray’s Candy Store for a Milkshake

Ray’s Candy Store lands a Kim Kardashian visit and a new sign NYC-based totally illustrator Peach Tao, along with assistance from artists Will DeNatale and Shreya Gupta, is sort of done working on the brand new flashy sign for the long-status Ray’s Candy Store. Kim Kardashian West was given a glimpse of the brand new […]

LongHorn Steakhouses offer steak for dessert

Steakhouses have long been recognized for indulgent if predictable desserts: tall cheesecakes, key lime pie, crème Brulee, carrot cake and usually something decadently chocolate. LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants soon will provide a dessert that builds on steak as the main event. We speak me steak for dessert. Beginning July 1, the steakhouse emblem will start serving […]

Here’s The Scoop Ice Cream Dessert Shop Grand Opens in Park View Saturday

“My call is Karin Sellers, and I would like to ask you to the GRAND OPENING of Here’s The Scoop Ice Cream Dessert Shop. The ribbon reducing ceremony is scheduled for noon on June 29, 2019. Here’s The Scoop is positioned at 2824 Georgia Avenue, NW. We function an expansion of Ice Cream picks along […]

five Delicious Protein-Rich Dessert Recipes To Make Your Diet Interesting

Protein is an essential macro-nutrient required by the body You could make your desserts protein-rich using adding nuts, seeds etc Amaranth and buckwheat are protein-rich grains for cakes Following a healthful food regimen may be tougher than one might think. There are quite several things at play, together with your present-day health status each mental […]